Drink the blockchain

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Welcome to EthSlurp

EthSlurp allows you to 'slurp' the Ethereum blockchain extracting transactions from any Ethereum address, including smart contracts and, from there, store these transactions in familiar file formats such as .csv (MS Excel) or .txt. For example,

 ethslurp 0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413

returns all transactions to and from "The DAO." This data is publically available elsewhere, but never this easily accessible. Until now the best you could hope for was computer gobbeldy-gook.

This is where EthSlurp shines. The formatting option makes the gobbeldy-gook easy to read.

 ethslurp -f 0x713B73c3994442b533e6A083eC968e40606810Ec

It's even better than that. The output from EthSlurp is fully customizable, allowing you to choose which transaction fields to include, which fields to ignore, the format of the data files, and even which summary fields to include, if any.

For example, by adding an option to the -f command line, you can create a tab delimited text file, a comma seperated .csv file that will open directly in MS Excel, or even rudimentary HTML.

 ethslurp -f:txt  0x713B73c3994442b533e6A083eC968e40606810Ec
ethslurp -f:csv 0x713B73c3994442b533e6A083eC968e40606810Ec
ethslurp -f:html 0x713B73c3994442b533e6A083eC968e40606810Ec

There are many other options detailed fully in the documentation.

Why would anyone want to slurp the blockchain?

Let's say you've deployed your own smart contract. How will you know what's going on? Using EthSlurp's -date option and some simple script automation, you could generate a daily report and have it emailed to your inbox. Wouldn't it be nice know if your smart contract is making money?

Yeah, but show me an example

How's this: Monthly Statement for XYZ Smart Contract

Building the software

We provide full open-source code in an easily compiled version. Don't worry--it's easy to build. There are no external dependancies, so there's nothing to download except our code. Information on building the software is provided in the documentation.

Contact us if you have any trouble running EthSlurp. We try to respond as quickly as we can. Email us with questions:

Cautions and warnings

While we are constantly improving the software, trying to make it as robust and easy to use as possible, it is still beta. Use the software at your own risk. We make no representation as to the software's fitness for any purpose. Nor do we claim that the data it produces is accurate. The software is provided as is, and its source code is hereby released into the public domain.

Support / contact us

Having trouble? Join our Git Hub or contact support and we’ll help you sort it out.