Drink the blockchain

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Downloadable Excel Blockchain Spreadsheets

We've been using EthSlurp to download the transactions for The DAO. Check out what EthSlurp can do, by visiting:

We're happy provide this data to the community. Check out our instructional videos to see how we did this.

Future Data Dumps

We will be publishing a regular stream of data sets for The DAO transactions as the weeks and months progress. Come back often!

Customized Data for your Smart Contracts

Are you running a smart contract of your own? We are very interested in helping you understand what's going on with that contract. Do you wonder what's happening to your portion of the DAO? Give us a call and we'll make a personalized statement for you. We're happy to help in any way we can.

Tip the Bartender

Are you civic minded? If you find our software and/or the data it creates useful, why not tip your bartender?